Do you find your phone’s battery draining too quickly? Modern smartphones are incredible mini-computers, but constant access to emails, apps and the internet can take a toll on battery life. Who wants their phone dying when they need it most? Fortunately, there are steps you can take to conserve battery and keep your phone going all day:

Lower Screen Brightness
Dimming your screen brightness significantly increases battery life. Most phones are set to nearly full brightness out of the box, but keeping brightness around 50-60% still allows comfortable viewing without as rapid battery drain. Take the minute to adjust your settings and turn auto-brightness on to save big.

Disable Unused App Notifications
Apps running in the background and constantly supplying notifications can sap a shocking amount of battery. Audit which apps really require notifications, particularly ones that buzz, beep or use location services. Disable notifications for apps not essential – you can always check them manually when convenient without murdering your battery.

Use Battery Saver Mode Enable your phone’s built-in battery saver modes, whether that’s “low power mode” for iPhones or “battery saver” on Android devices. This automatically adjusts usage to extend battery, whether by reducing background processes, decreasing screen brightness or other phone-specific steps. Turn it on when your battery level gets low to buy yourself precious extra hours of use.

I hope these simple battery saving tips help you stay powered up when you need it! Let me know if you have any other good suggestions for getting the most life from your phone during busy days. What steps do you take to conserve battery? Let’s exchange ideas in the comments!

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