When you think GPS, navigation apps probably immediately come to mind. But over the last several years, GPS technology has quietly permeated many more aspects of routine life. Here are 7 surprising ways you interact with GPS daily:

  1. Ride Sharing
    Services like Uber and Lyft depend on GPS to pair nearby drivers and riders efficiently based on locations. The app experience would fall apart without precise GPS tracking.
  2. Social Media Location Tagging
    Tagging social media posts, stories and images with your exact GPS coordinates woven the physical and digital worlds together. Friends can identify where their connections are and what they’re doing.
  3. Fitness Activity Tracking GPS allows fitness trackers and running watch apps to accurately measure pace, distance traveled and elevation details during workouts. It provides key data to monitor performance.
  4. Geotargeted Advertising You’ve likely noticed advertisements for businesses near your current location. GPS enables marketers to promote relevant services, stores and offers around you.
  5. Dating App Connections Dating services use GPS proximity tools to recommend potential matches closest to you for convenient in-person meeting. Location fuels these very personal connections.
  6. Pet Location Trackers
    For pet owners, smart collars with built-in GPS provide peace of mind if your pup or feline friend wanders too far. It allows remote monitoring and recovery.
  7. Delivery Driver Route Planning Mail carriers, product delivery drivers and food services all rely on GPS navigation to map the most efficient routes between stops during shifts. It ensures accuracy and estimated arrival times.

From early morning coffee to late night work commutes home – GPS likely facilitated key moments of your routine without you even realizing it! Our world depends more and more on location intelligence behind the scenes through GEO tagging and GPS.

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