As a tech reviewer who loves keeping up with the latest mobile innovations, I was very excited to test out this year’s new smartphone offerings. In 2024 we’re seeing huge leaps in camera technology, processing powers, and AI capabilities. After extensive testing, these 5 phones have risen above the rest to earn top marks across all measures.

  1. Apple iPhone 16 The iPhone 16 takes Apple’s photography crown, with its groundbreaking triple lens rear camera system producing absolutely stunning images. Thanks to advanced machine learning techniques, the image quality surpasses any mobile device to date. The A17 Bionic processor makes everything fast and fluid. iOS 18 provides deep customization options. You’ll also appreciate the sharp and vibrant OLED adjustable refresh rate screen.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S24 Samsung packs incredible specs into their new infinity edge display flagship phone. The Snapdragon 875 processor outraces anything on the market. It also touts an industry-leading 20 hour battery life per charge even with heavy use. But where the S24 really shines is with dynamic audio quality – listening to music or movies with its surround-sound speakers is an absolute delight.
  3. Google Pixel 8 Google again wins on software with the Pixel 8. The Titan M3 security chip keeps your data ultra safe. The new Juno AI assistant feels like it can read your mind in anticipating exactly what you need. Pixel 8 also features fast wireless charging and an advanced camera with incredible low-light photography performance. And of course it offers the latest Android OS out of the box.
  4. OnePlus 11 Pro For those seeking top-tier performance at a more affordable price point, the OnePlus 11 Pro delivers. It keeps pace with far more expensive flagships thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset. Two-day battery life gives you tremendous uptime. The unique retractable selfie camera liberates the entire front screen. And the Hasselblad camera tuning provides beautiful true-to-life photo and video shoots.
  5. Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Xiaomi pulls out the specs stops with a second screen on the back of the Mi 12 Ultra – perfect for selfies with the best camera hardware. The 200MP main camera captures light and detail that no other phone can match. Add ultra-fast 120W charging, a gorgeous QHD+ 120Hz display, and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor powering MIUI 14 software, and you have an uncompromising device at relatively budget pricing.

There you have my picks for the top smartphones of the year! Whether you prioritize photography, security, performance, battery life or value, there’s a 2024 device tailor built for you. Let me know what features you’d be looking for in your next upgrade!

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