It’s a sight no phone owner wants to see – the dreaded “storage full” notification. With our ever-growing collection of photos, videos, downloaded apps and cached data, storage space comes at a premium. When your phone starts bumping up against storage limits things can slow down quickly. Use these handy tips to take control of storage strain:

Clean House with Files Files is your friend! Recent iPhone and Android updates include the Files app which helps identify the largest storage hogs. Review category totals and offload backed-up photos to the cloud or transfer unnecessary videos to a computer. Removing just a few giant files can make a surprising impact.

Offload Unused Apps
Be ruthless in evaluating extra apps you likely don’t need. Social media apps are particularly notorious for hoarding cache data that builds over time. Delete unused apps entirely rather than just removing icons from your home screen. You’d be amazed how much cruft accumulates!

Review Photos & Videos The camera roll undoubtedly accounts for a huge chunk of consumed storage. Be diligent with curation by deleting blurry pics, unsuccessful shots and duplicate near-identical images. Offload older images and video to cloud backup, then delete locally. Cleaning out your camera roll provides instant space relief.

Tame Automatic Backups While security-minded, constant automatic backup of photos, apps and device data fills storage fast. Adjust backup frequency, restrict image upload sizes and be selective in choosing essential apps to backup. Be sure to occasionally check in and manually trigger uploads as well.

With some routine maintenance of files, apps and media, you can avoid drowning in excessive consumed storage. What other phone storage solutions do you depend on? Share your best tips in the comments!

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