Ways to get rid of back pain in five minutes

The most common pain that many people experience is back pain. When you suffer from back pain, you are also uncomfortable and tired. If you are suffering from such pain, you should try some of these good methods. How to relieve back pain…

Resting the spine
You should try this method when you are at home. First, sit on the floor. Then keep both legs straight. Keep your legs about 10 cm apart. Then, roll up a thick blanket and place it under your knee as shown in the picture. Then place the pillow on your leg and bend your entire upper body until it touches the pillow. Stay in that position for 5 minutes. This method relaxes back muscle tension and relieves backache and backache.

Soak your feet with salt
Take a bowl of warm water just enough to soak your feet. Add half a cup of salt and mix it. Then soak your feet for 5 to 7 minutes. When the time is up, take your feet out and wash them again with warm water .Then wrap the leg with a small blanket. Since the salt loin relaxes the muscles and the pain, when the salt loin is soaked, the whole body absorbs it, so the pain in the back is also relieved.

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